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Temporary Accommodations & Relocation Services

Relocating to a new area can be both exciting and stressful. Where will I live? How long will it take me to sell my old house? How soon can I find a new place to call home? What are the schools like in this new city? There are many questions and concerns facing relocating individuals. VineBridge Corporate Housing makes the relocation process easy and worry free!

Live in a VineBridge Corporate Housing all-inclusive turnkey furnished apartment on a short term or month-to-month basis while you take the time to carefully choose where you will live for this next chapter in your life! Relax – we’ll handle all the details. Our corporate apartments are ideal for the relocating individuals as they are move-in ready with cable, wireless internet, and all utilities included and connected prior to your arrival. Our accommodations are filled with many practical conveniences and the comforts of home such as private bedrooms, premium furniture, deluxe housewares, appliances, fully equipped kitchens & laundry rooms, and a home-like environment.

With VineBridge Corporate Housing, those relocating to a new area can live in a hassle free environment while getting acquainted to their new city – learning the traffic patterns, their way around town, and which schools, stores, places of worship, etc. suite them best. VineBridge Corporate Housing offers the flexibility & convenience of an extended stay hotel without the cramped & transient nature associated with extended stay facilities. Our flexible lease terms give relocating individuals the peace of mind that is so valuable when moving to an unfamiliar location.

Contact VineBridge Corporate Housing to request a quote for an all-inclusive turnkey furnished apartment to make your relocation a smooth and enjoyable experience.