HR Professionals

Corporate Housing and Relocation Services

Instead of you setting up each utility, each contract, each furniture and housewares package, you can make ONE phone call.  VineBridge Corporate Housing does everything for you. VineBridge Corporate Housing will also save you time during the course of your employee’s stay. Anything that needs attention after move-in will be handled by us.


Instead of eight or more contacts for each employee’s accommodations, you will have one contact for all of your needs. With VineBridge Corporate Housing, you will receive only one consolidated bill. There’s no need to have your A/P department sort, process, and pay 5 or 6 different bills for each apartment (saving time and money).

Acceptable forms of rent payment:

  • Business & Personal Checks
  • Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners
  • ACH payments

Also, when your employees arrive at a new destination they won’t be bogged down with:

  • Setting up their own internet / cable
  • Checking into a hotel
  • Going to laundromats
  • Having to go elsewhere to  use the internet

They can move right in and focus on the job-at-hand, making them productive. Our accommodations are more comfortable, private and convenient, so your employees will be rested and ready to work.